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LGBTQ* Photos You May Have Missed

Washington State’s Newest Married Couples

As of Thursday, December 6, 2012, Washington state now issues equal gender identity and gender pairing marriage licenses. 



I love the top picture. Like do you two want to get any cooler or what’s gonna happen here.

I am so proud to live here. 

Crying. Cannot even imagine how long some of these couples have waited together. This is beautiful.

Oh GOD gOOdNEss, I’m literally crying now. Look! Just look. Look at all these equally individual beautiful couples, excuse me, MARRIED couples that have been waiting who knows how long to receive something they’ve surely always wanted and so rightly deserve. Just.. Bless the first pic. Congrats epic bearded married men, you could not possible be any cooler! The 2nd pic with the hats, I cry, congrats! 3rd pic just..LOOK AT THEM! Look at their happiness in their business suits, ties, gelled hair and glasses, ahh~ And Ohgoodness don’t even get me started on the 4th photo and the rest of the pics I just.. this is extremely beautiful, so proud that half of my family is from and lives in Washington. <3

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A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, and she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies.

I will always reblog this. Makes me so happy inside. 

i can’t even

How can this world be so horrible and so beautiful and the same time?

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i love disney

Gosh dammit I love Disney so muh-uh-ucchhh.. :’) Seriously though bless whoever dug up this gem cause it’s so old it even has Raven Symone and Phil of the Future and Pim in it and when Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Ashley Tisdale were waayy younger looking and I just.. Can I have the download to this? Please?? ANYONE??

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»»» when the evening shadows and the stars appear / and there is no one there to dry your tears / i could hold you for a million years / to make you feel my love /

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Harry Potter meme | Two scenes [2/2]

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from the auditions, to the music, to winning their first brit and so on, the boys have stuck together through it all to make one direction the band it is today. happy two year anniversary boys, you really have made it

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Chris Colfer:

  • Golden Globe Winner
  • Emmy nominated actor
  • One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People
  • Screenplay writer
  • Best Selling Author

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*Niall drops his tea*

Louis- Oh for god’s sake Niall!

Niall- AAAARGH!!

Harry- For the benefit of the radio, Niall just dropped his tea.

Niall (in the middle of harry’s sentence)- My fucking-

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