♥ Hi there, I'm Sierra, the Darren, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel Berry, and Glee-stan! Darren Criss is an asshole, but he's my totally awesome humble dapper hobbit asshole whom I love/obsess over and is my idol. Chris Colfer is a perfect angel, Lea Michele is my queen, the Glee Cast is perfection, and One Direction are bitches that ruin my life daily, esp. Liam Payne. ♥ Klaine, Niam, Larry Stylinson, CrissColfer, Monchele, Finchel, Brochel, Jarley, Brittana, Romione=OTPs, but I don't ship hate at all. I will always love HP & StarKid, music is my life, and if we're going by age Ross Lynch is my boyfriend but Darren is my husband. Basically this is where I fangirl, talk, rant, and cry over everything way too much, as well as being a total reblog floozy. Warning: This is NOT a spoiler free blog and I'm a lazy tagger most of the time. Enjoy your stay! :) ♥

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So I bought my sister some merch at the Darren concert, but it turns out she doesn’t want it. I don’t need two of these things when some of you don’t have the opportunity to get it all,  so I’m giving it away.

If you win you get:

  • White Darren Criss Listen Up Tour Shirt (dates on back)
  • Regular Darren Criss Listen Up Tour Lanyard (dates on back)
  • Blue Darren Criss Listen Up Tour Bracelet
  • Darren Criss Socks


  1. Giveaways are to thank my followers, so you do need to be following me
  2. I also want to try and keep this as fair as possible, so no contest only blogs
  3. Likes DO count
  4. You can reblog as many times as you want, but with the new notes on Tumblr it may not help you.
  5. I will ship anywhere.
  6. And good luck :)

Giveaway will end JULY 31st, 2013 at 12:00 PM CST.

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The jam session in Stutter at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, 6/13/13.

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Liam vs my mental stability (Take me Home version)


ok soimage

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Bird reacts to dubstep

#best four seconds of my life tbh

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“Some love was made for the lights. Some kiss your cheek and goodnight.”

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I’ll just leave this here….

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