♥ Hi there, I'm Sierra, the Darren, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel Berry, and Glee-stan! Darren Criss is an asshole, but he's my totally awesome humble dapper hobbit asshole whom I love/obsess over and is my idol. Chris Colfer is a perfect angel, Lea Michele is my queen, the Glee Cast is perfection, and One Direction are bitches that ruin my life daily, esp. Liam Payne. ♥ Klaine, Niam, Larry Stylinson, CrissColfer, Monchele, Finchel, Brochel, Jarley, Brittana, Romione=OTPs, but I don't ship hate at all. I will always love HP & StarKid, music is my life, and if we're going by age Ross Lynch is my boyfriend but Darren is my husband. Basically this is where I fangirl, talk, rant, and cry over everything way too much, as well as being a total reblog floozy. Warning: This is NOT a spoiler free blog and I'm a lazy tagger most of the time. Enjoy your stay! :) ♥

About Me:

Hi there lovelies! So glad you clicked and came upon my about me, after all it is about time I made one. Well, my name’s Sierra and I’ve been blogging here since December 13th, 2010. (My creys!) Which is why it’s probably about time I make one of these.. :)

This is me:

(Haha, jk jk, but I wish!) But still ^^there’s a happy, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing Rachel Berry to welcome you to my blog~!!

To keep this as short and to the point as possible since I tend to rant, here’s some bullet points for you!

  • Sierra, with the nicknames SiSi, Sierra Mist, and most recently Sharara. Each name given to me at different time periods of my life by different people.
  • 16 born on January 1st. (New Year’s baby, yeah!)
  • World traveler and resider because of my dad’s job, and I love traveling and experiencing all that I can.
  • That said, I am currently fangirling (residing) in both Arizona, U.S.A. and Panama City, Panama. (Yes, both!)
  • Music is my life. And I’ve been singing basically my whole life, even though I’m not the best at it, I LOVE doing it.
  • Just another teenage girl aspiring to be a professional singer, actor, performer, musician, and/or artist. (In that order I suppose!)
  • Photography is my other love, and I want to get into dancing. Both are also more things I want to possibly do professionally.
  • I’m a sucker for the rom-coms and hopeless romantic stuff, but that’s probably because I am one thanks to Manga, Twilight (yes, I do like it), and awesome shows like Glee aka KLAINE ASDFGHJKL MY OTP!! But I label myself as a “Hopeful” romantic instead of a hopeless one.
  • I be one positive, loving life b*tch! Haha, it’s the truth, I prefer having a positive outlook on life and everything I love including the fandoms involved in it, at least on this blog that is. (And I hope I can share my positiveness with others too!)
  • I’m also an overly talkative loves-and-thrives-on-conversations, adventurous, and determined teenage girly girl who loves blogging, giving advice on any and everything(feel free to ask!), making friends, being with my besties, and obviously; adding adjectives to simply everything. :)
  • Last but not least and most obviously, I am a MAJOR fangirl of all but not limited too:
  1. ♥Darren Everett Criss, that totally awesome, supermegafoxyawesomehot, dapper, adorkable, sexy, handsome, extremely talented, and amazingly inspirational human beingaka my everything and my main love and inspiration!!♥
  2. GLEE and it’s cast! (Literally, ALL of them!)
  3. Harry Potter everything; books, movies, cast~
  4. The Twilight Series. Yes, I do admit to being (or used to being) quite a Twi-hard. And yes, you can be both that and a Potterhead. However, no I do not reblog Twilight stuff on this blog, so no need to worry non-Twilovers!
  5. StarKid, and I AM a Starship Ranger. “Red vines, what the hell can’t they do?” ♥
  6. That stupid motherfudging British (& one Irish!) band has also taken over my heart, and a few posts on this blog too, so yeah. In case you don’t know who I’m referring to (sorry but how is that possible?!) I freaking love the idiots of One Direction, 1D Directioner and shipper right here!
  7. Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson aka dapper adorable cute amazing talented bb goober, Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel aka sweet perfect beautiful inspiring bb angel, Lea Michele/Rachel Berry aka pretty amazing gorgeous stunning inspiring determined gold star, Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson, Dianna Agron/Quinn Fabray, Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez, Heather Morris/Brittany S. Pierce, Mark Salling/Noah “Puck” Puckerman, Amber Riley/Mercedes Jones, Kevin McHale/Artie Abrams, Jenna Ushkowitz/Tina Cohen Chang, Harry Shum Jr./Mike Chang, Chord Overstreet/Sam Evans, Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester, Dot Marie Jones/Shannon Beiste, Jayma Mays/Emma Pillsbury, Matthew Morrison/Will Schuester, Vanessa Lengies/Sugar Motta, Damian McGinty/Rory Flanagan, Grant Gustin/Sebastian Smythe, all the Warblers, dancers, heck even the extras, and the cray cray writers..OKAY YEAH YOU GET THE IDEA I LOVE GLEE OKAY!!
  8. Uhmm, Darren, darren, DARREN, DARREEENN!! ♥

More things for you to find out more about me if you’re interested:

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My YouTube (Where I have posted quite a few singing videos, however they are crappy quality and I highly suggest you don’t watch them especially since I don’t really post videos as of late, but if you wann read the haters and few nice people’s comments and/or subscribe I’d really appreciate it!)

My Other Tumblr (Where I post/reblog everything that I don’t fangirl about on here, so it’s basically my pretty stuff, photography, other things/celebs/singers I like/love, kind’ve wannabe hipster blog where I hope to post my own photography on there eventually! I’m quite proud of the blog though and it’s quite pretty actually, if I do say so myself, haha! Feel free to follow me on there if you so desire~)

Here have some screenshots of my inspirations that I’ve listed on Facebook:

Not necessarily always in that exact order, but you can get the idea of some famous people who inspire me and some of my absolute fav singers and musicians are. :)

Want to know anything else? Then pretty please ask me anything in my ask box lovelies!! Thanks for reading!

~Love, Sierra~