♥ Hi there, I'm Sierra, the Darren, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel Berry, and Glee-stan! Darren Criss is an asshole, but he's my totally awesome humble dapper hobbit asshole whom I love/obsess over and is my idol. Chris Colfer is a perfect angel, Lea Michele is my queen, the Glee Cast is perfection, and One Direction are bitches that ruin my life daily, esp. Liam Payne. ♥ Klaine, Niam, Larry Stylinson, CrissColfer, Monchele, Finchel, Brochel, Jarley, Brittana, Romione=OTPs, but I don't ship hate at all. I will always love HP & StarKid, music is my life, and if we're going by age Ross Lynch is my boyfriend but Darren is my husband. Basically this is where I fangirl, talk, rant, and cry over everything way too much, as well as being a total reblog floozy. Warning: This is NOT a spoiler free blog and I'm a lazy tagger most of the time. Enjoy your stay! :) ♥

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OHMYGOD Brittany S. Pierce baabbbyyy!!

Glee is my family. Mr. Schue is my dad. Okay someone quote Brittany’s speech because Heather Morris is a gosh dang amazing actress and so is this episode and I love Brittany and I’M CRYING MY CREYS I’M GONNA MISS HER SO SOO MUCH NOOO!!

I love this god damn show. so. so. much. :’) <3


Niall had food poisoning and Liam was trying to comfort him.

never not reblog

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every single one of my insecurities are in those lyrics 

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i’ve reblogged this like 3092585 but idgaf. this makes me sob tears of joy

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liam payne + shirtless

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Glee: The only damn show that can make and break a million shipper hearts with one scene and one amazingly well performed song, and not make singing while laying down look extremely awkward. Because for Glee that’s normal. How I’m acting right now however, is not norMAL!?!1/1?!/!?!/!

missroxirocket answered your question: This is a request for Glee Tumblr friends~ Please read??

brody is so beautiful and handsome b-but..finn.. i don’t know what to think.. my feels I’M CRYING T_T WHY?!

Okay first of all! I’M CRYING CAUSE SOMEONE ANSWERED MY HUGE LONG ASS POST AND STARTED FOLLOWING ME AND I JUST…?!?! Hi there lovely, secondly, I love you. :) And I’m usually much more uhmm, coherent about my replies but NO NOT TODAY NOT ON GLEE DAY LOL HELL NOOO!!

Anywho!, OOOooMMMmmGGG same baby girl saammee it hurrttss, Glee huurrtts~ :’) BUT! Brody is so, so, so SOOO beautifully gorgeous and handsome and sweet and sexy and perfect and tbh I fell in love with him the moment he was on my screen and in love with me I mean one of my stan characters aka the beautifully gorgeous Rachel Berry and gaahh!

I LOVE Finchel, always have always will although I am (obvs) a Klainer so how much screen time they took up/away is a little cray cray, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Finchel cause I dooo but..


Also, the biggest tbh and fyi EVER:

Point is, my creys and nooo and I love Finchel and I do love Finn despite his many flaws but..

Brochel has taken over my heart baby and I will go up with that ship hell to the y e s. <3

(Thank you again for replying to me yaay whee!) Hi there, I’m Sierra, Gleek since late Season 1 and I rant, ramble, reblog, like, talk, and fangirl too much. Yay! :)

~Love, Sierra~



this time next week though

no wait

okay i fixed it

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