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Darren’s interview at GQ’s 2012 Men Of The Year Party.

I know I’m very late at saying this but besides today’s pretty amazing and emotional Glee episode that of course I absolutely loved, this video and videos like it just make my day 5 billion times better~!!

Darren bb omg you humble sweet adorable sweetheart and all his uhmms and uh and uhmm about “what style is” and his interesting, thoughtful, extremely well and highly worded answers to everything just asdfghjkl..!! Just, ugh, this video showcases one of the soo many reasons why I love this beautiful man and inspiration/idol of mine so gosh damn much!! <3 Oh, and then DarrenxObama whatever the bromance ship name is for that cause of course he talks about Obama eeep and then omfg bless your heart face soul everything Darren bb for your answer about how the normal people are true heroes, the normal guys are the real “men of the year” just BLESS YOUR FACE AND THOSE EYES I LOVE YOU SO MUH-UH-UCCHH!! #ohthedarrenfeels~

Also! Wait what my bb got major gum surgery and I didn’t knOW ABOut iT?! Tumblr what are you what is this what is my life why wasn’t I/weren’t we informed we’re dedicated fangirls/boys we should KNOW THIS SHIAT!! I love you and all your imperfections and bruises Darebear okayrantoverloveyouallbye. :) <3

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